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I'm so weak :-(

July 31st, 2006 at 05:34 pm

I went to Walmart today because I "had" to pick up a few things.

My Morningstar coupons were to expire today and I had 10 of them - didn't want to lose those savings for sure.

I made a list ... one that I had "every" intention of sticking to.

But - did I? Uhmmm, well ... I'm embarrased to say, no I didn't. :-(

I did get my veggie hot dogs and also was able to use 2 more $1.00 coupons on things, plus saved $2.00 with a coupon on hair dye [needed to wash that grey right outta my hair. *Giggle*]

Other than that though, I bought a lamp for my livingroom [I "think" it was $14.99 but not exactly sure till I look at the receipt.]

I had planned on getting one because I - well, I was going to say needed it but guess it really was more of a want than a need.

There was an empty space on the end table by my couch and I really wanted something to fill that space in.

My original intentions were to go to the local charities place where you can get stuff for free [things people donate, etc.]

I have given them much over the years so at times I get stuff there too.

Well - no need to go there for a lamp now 'cuz I am weak.

Also I bought a new journal for almost $6.00.

Did I "really" need it? Again, no I didn't 'cuz I had 2 here already that I could have used. *Sigh*

I decided to save those for later for regular journaling [the one today was for my weight loss journal I'm starting tomorrow.]

Other than those slips I didn't do too bad, pretty much everything else I can think of now were things that I needed to get.

When will I ever learn to go into that store and buy just what is on my list?

I know that it can be done!