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$190.30 to savings accounts!

July 31st, 2006 at 09:43 pm

Wow - what an incredible rush!

I paid my bills or atleast the ones I could so far and have saved the money out for those I still have to pay yet.

And - when all was said and done, I was able to deposit a total of $190.30 in my savings accounts tonight for August. Smile

Since I only get money once a month, I put all my savings in the 1st day of the month instead of weekly like many do.

I have 2 accounts for savings - one is a checking with no debit card and no checks to it.

In that account I deposited $30.28 tonight.

In my other account, I was able to deposit $160.02.

Drum roll please .....

Combining the two accounts, in savings I now have $475.39!!

I am absolutely amazed that I was able to do this and I attribute this success to savingadvice.

It is so motivational that it really helped me to get a good start and also, to stay on track.

Thank you ... thank you ... thank you!! Smile

Money in savings - what a rush!

July 22nd, 2006 at 09:56 pm

I have never had this much money in savings before ...

Needless to say - I am excited!! Smile

I have $33.16 in my primary savings account.

Then tonight I was able to transfer $226.92 from my regular checking acct. into my secondary checking [which is used exclusively for a savings account as well.]

I think I mentioned before that I want 2 separate accounts for savings ['cuz I'm saving for different specific things.]

Anyways, what a major rush to have nearly $300.00 in savings now.

$25.00 [amount needed to start account]
$33.16 [savings account]
$226.92 [into account from regular checking]

Total saved as of now: $285.08 Smile