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Million Minutes Tracker

August 2nd, 2006 at 09:32 pm

Yesterday I started to track my volunteer minutes and am gonna try to get up to one million of them. Smile

I'll keep track of them on this post 'cuz that way it'll be easier for me to track them.

I consider volunteer time as any time spent in doing something for others.

This includes working on crafts to give others [which I do alot of] and also visiting others [older people, etc.]

8/1 - 200 minutes
8/2 - 130 minutes
8/3 - 194 minutes

My million minute challenge

July 20th, 2006 at 09:11 am

All along, I have been giving myself so many cents per every 10 minutes of craft work I'd been doing on my daily to do's list.

Nearly all of this work is done for charity and so instead of money earned to go into my daily to do's account for this;

I've decided that starting August 1st, I'm going to start a "Million Minutes" challenge for myself to chart my progress.

Regardless the extra money that would have went into this specific account will still get saved;

just in another account for saving is all.

I feel it's very important for those who can and have the time to do so,

to volunteer and use the skills and talents that God has given them.

So, I crochet and work on other things for charity,

and as I said - starting the 1st of August, I'll start adding this time up in minutes and will keep track on here. Smile