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Re-thinking Christmas Gifts

July 22nd, 2006 at 08:01 pm

Well, I "thought" I had figured out what I was going to do for gifts for this Christmas,

but now I'm rethinking those ideas and am going to search online for other ideas instead.

A few of the ideas I was thinking of were:

Keesha - Buy mixes [or make them, not sure yet] for things like cookies, cakes and quick breads.

Then buy a big bowl and a few utensils for her to use for making them.

That can be a gift for the whole family because they'll get to enjoy the baked goods.

As for Jason, I may bake cookies and quick breads 'n such things for him to give him.

Not sure how good of an idea this is though because I never know when I'll get to see him and would hate to have baked goods for 3+ months before he got them. *lol*

Pat & Kathy and their family?

Well, they're just too hard to buy for.

Baked goods wouldn't work for them 'cuz Kathy thinks she's the "ultimate" cook and has convinced the family of that.

I've baked cookies for them before and they barely acknowledged it

[in fact, we were out back by the garden when I gave them to them 'cuz we went to their house 'n they were out back ...]

Well, when we were all ready to go up to the house - what'd they do but walk off and leave the cookies there.

Was it intentional? Well, with most people I'd say no but I know them and am sure that it was [maybe they hoped dogs would come eat them or something? *Giggle*]

And NO, I am not a bad cook [or baker] but they are just way weird is all. *lol*

So, for them - maybe some mixes and a bowl and so forth like I am thinking of getting together for Keesha.

We'll see ...

I think I'll do a search for homemade gifts before I make a final decision and see what I come up with. Smile

Christmas Savings

July 20th, 2006 at 10:01 pm

Well, earlier today I had it all figured out about who was getting what for Christmas.

However, tonight I got to thinking [after reading an e-mail from Upromise], that I should see if the puzzle site was a participant in Upromise.

My daughter is paying off debts for going to school to be a nurse;

and the Upromise site helps with that if you shop through their site with any of their partners.

I didn't find the site that I was looking for; however I did find another puzzle site.

I went and checked it out and found 3 puzzles on it that would be just as meaningful [if not more so.]

AND, not only that but 5% of the purchase will be credited to my daughters paying off her education.

Plus, for each 3 puzzles I buy [which 3 is all I need], I will get $3.00 off each puzzle.

Good deal, huh?! Smile

I haven't done the total figuring [if there is tax or not, etc.] but from what I can see, I'll be saving $ from their earlier site.

The earlier total for the other site was $53.42 and with this new site, my total will be roughly around $40.95 [plus or minus a few cents.]

I guess it does pay to check around a bit before making a final decision, huh? Smile


Christmas Ideas

July 20th, 2006 at 10:50 am

I have been thinking that this year, I might buy one gift per family and wanted something that would last.

One thing I have been thinking about and have in past years but never have done,

is to buy [and put together], jigsaw puzzles to give as gifts.

For Keesha [my daughter] and her family, I'd like to buy a Christmas puzzle that could be used year after year [and hopefully appreciated.]

I don't have any keepsakes from my own family Christmas's and I thought this would be really nice and they would have it for years to come.

As for Jason [my son], for the past couple of years I have written him a check;

however before that - I always made him something.

Last year I think it was, he asked me if I hadn't made something for him.

So, what I thought I would do for him this year, was to buy a puzzle in the shape of a trout [because he loves fishing.]

He is so unstable and moves so often though, I hate to make things for him that I know will eventually get left somewhere and he ends up with nothing.

He's done that with afghans that I've spent months on making. [Grrrrr!]

Still, I think it would make him feel special for Christmas [which - well, that is the reason for giving gifts - right? Smile]

And, for my brother and sister-in-law; even though I always tell them not to get me anything,

they always do and so I feel that I must get them something as well.

Not that I don't love them but with my income, it's hard to buy for everyone.

Also, they have everything they could ever want and can afford to buy whatever they want for themselves and the kids.

This year though, I'm going to buy [and put together] a puzzle for them of a Christmas scene with cardinals.

They were moms favorite bird and whenever we see a cardinal, we always think of her.

I know that they would love this and so I think that will be their gift this year.

As for framing them, I have no idea how to do that.

My son-in-law does beautiful woodwork so I might see if he will do theirs [how cheesy of me to have him work on his own gift, huh? *lol*]

I did a search and found the puzzles I want and see if I buy them all at one time, I can save about $13.00 on shipping costs.

Total for puzzles with shipping is $53.42 - I don't know if there is tax added onto that or not but will have to see.

I might go ahead and order them this week so I can get started on them.

Also, it might be best to do while I have the extra money right now to do it.