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I'm so weak :-(

July 31st, 2006 at 05:34 pm

I went to Walmart today because I "had" to pick up a few things.

My Morningstar coupons were to expire today and I had 10 of them - didn't want to lose those savings for sure.

I made a list ... one that I had "every" intention of sticking to.

But - did I? Uhmmm, well ... I'm embarrased to say, no I didn't. :-(

I did get my veggie hot dogs and also was able to use 2 more $1.00 coupons on things, plus saved $2.00 with a coupon on hair dye [needed to wash that grey right outta my hair. *Giggle*]

Other than that though, I bought a lamp for my livingroom [I "think" it was $14.99 but not exactly sure till I look at the receipt.]

I had planned on getting one because I - well, I was going to say needed it but guess it really was more of a want than a need.

There was an empty space on the end table by my couch and I really wanted something to fill that space in.

My original intentions were to go to the local charities place where you can get stuff for free [things people donate, etc.]

I have given them much over the years so at times I get stuff there too.

Well - no need to go there for a lamp now 'cuz I am weak.

Also I bought a new journal for almost $6.00.

Did I "really" need it? Again, no I didn't 'cuz I had 2 here already that I could have used. *Sigh*

I decided to save those for later for regular journaling [the one today was for my weight loss journal I'm starting tomorrow.]

Other than those slips I didn't do too bad, pretty much everything else I can think of now were things that I needed to get.

When will I ever learn to go into that store and buy just what is on my list?

I know that it can be done!

2 Responses to “I'm so weak :-(”

  1. Bookie Says:

    Hey, places like Walmart spend big bucks on big brains to show them how to turn their stores into traps for the shopper's dollar. Store layout, displays, colors, even the Muzak are all engineered to promote spending. Walk in the door, and you're dealing with marketing pros who know tricks you've never thought about. It's you against the biggest retailer in the world. Not a fair match-up, huh?

    So remember that the next time you need to go to Walmart. "Your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to get in and out without spending one unplanned dollar."

    Make it, and you win that round. (loud cheering) But don't beat yourself up if you fall victim. You're just one among millions.

    Regards. Smile

  2. campfrugal Says:

    Oh, I love Walmart and hate it at the same time. We try not to go there because I spend too much money. But, they do have great sales and clearances.

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