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A few cents here, a few cents there

July 31st, 2006 at 06:04 pm

Okay now, first of all - I'm a smoker and I know that I should quit and ... how much money it would save [so please, no lectures about my quitting please. *Smile*]

Having said that - I've come up with something that I'm gonna try and see how much I can save.

Since I roll my own cigarettes, I figured the cost out to be 4 cents each.

This is much cheaper than buying them by the pack; however still - I know it adds up.

What I am going to do is to keep a chart on how many I don't smoke and then add them up at 4 cents each.

That money will go strictly towards furniture for my balcony [for when I get my balcony apartment.]

I figured it out and if I were to not smoke 10 cigarettes a day - that would really add up over time.

That'd be 40 cents a day and would come out to $12.00 a month or $144.00 a year.

And since it'll be probably 4-5 years before I get my balcony apartment, not smoking 10 cigarettes a day would add up to $576.00 in 4 years time!

Yes, I know if I were to quit altogether it would save more and maybe I'll try working on that another time.

Still - for now, each time I want a cigarette and put off smoking it for 1/2 hour, I'm giving myself 4 cents to go into my savings for my balcony furniture. Smile

And again - it goes to show that over time, little things do add up!

1 Responses to “A few cents here, a few cents there”

  1. Bookie Says:

    You won't get a lecture on quitting from me because I've been a pipe smoker for almost the whole of your life. Smile And I'm not interested in giving it up either.

    I like you're idea about a reward for each skipped cigarette. Just be sure you have a secure system to pay yourself accurately and consistently. No borrowing either. Maybe get a piggy bank you will have to break?

    Anyway, good luck with the project, and I'll be watching for a growing furniture stash.

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