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A big savings for me over time

July 31st, 2006 at 06:12 pm

I have major sinus problems and each month for I don't know how long, have had to buy a box of sinus pills to last me the month.

This week I did some searching to see if I could find a home remedy of sorts that would do as good so I wouldn't have to buy the pills any longer.

What I come up with is that peppermint tea is supposed to work for this.

Today while at Walmart, I bought a box of peppermint tea [just to see if it woud work or not] and had to try it tonight and yes - it did seem to work!!

So, the next time instead of buying the expensive tea bags, what I may do is to buy some generic tea bags and a bag of sugar-free peppermint hard candies [which would dissolve in hot water] and voila! I should have peppermint tea for cheaper. Smile

According to my figuring - at $3.24 a box per month for 12 months, it comes to $38.88 [plus tax, or at least I think they charge tax on that here in PA.]

And, over a 5 year period of time - I'd be saving $194.40. Close to $200.00!!

I really hope this will work [I'm going to try it till this box of tea is gone to make sure that it'll consistently work before I spend money for tea and peppermint candy that I wouldn't otherwise use for anything.]

Wish me luck! Smile

2 Responses to “A big savings for me over time”

  1. Bookie Says:

    We seem to be on a roll this evening. Smile
    My sympathies on the sinus problem. I have had it all my life. The allergist I consulted long ago said the local area was one of the worst in America because of pollen and mold spores. And I can't take most of the pills because they make me drowsy.

    I may try that peppermint tea idea. I wonder if peppermint extract (the kind they sell in the baking section) would substitute for the candies? You could have a cold cup by the time a candy dissolves.

    (PS - You know that smoking just makes it worse? Smile )

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    Have you ever tried sniffing salt water? 1 cup warm water to 1/4 tsp salt, sniff it from a spoon or shoot it up your nose with a nasal syringe like you use for babies. Or a netipot, but that costs. It cleans out all the congestion. Anyway, salt water is the cheapest way I've dealt with my allergies for years. Well, May its expensive Zyrtec, but otherwise it is salt water.

    I don't know how you stand it smoking with allergies. I can't even walk into a room with smoke without clogging up and that's on top of allergies to trees, pollen, grass, cats, umm...quite possibly dirt, LOL. Of course, I garden despite all that, so umm...that would be my choice of something I won't give up that may not be the best thing I could be doing.

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