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$190.30 to savings accounts!

July 31st, 2006 at 09:43 pm

Wow - what an incredible rush!

I paid my bills or atleast the ones I could so far and have saved the money out for those I still have to pay yet.

And - when all was said and done, I was able to deposit a total of $190.30 in my savings accounts tonight for August. Smile

Since I only get money once a month, I put all my savings in the 1st day of the month instead of weekly like many do.

I have 2 accounts for savings - one is a checking with no debit card and no checks to it.

In that account I deposited $30.28 tonight.

In my other account, I was able to deposit $160.02.

Drum roll please .....

Combining the two accounts, in savings I now have $475.39!!

I am absolutely amazed that I was able to do this and I attribute this success to savingadvice.

It is so motivational that it really helped me to get a good start and also, to stay on track.

Thank you ... thank you ... thank you!! Smile

5 Responses to “$190.30 to savings accounts!”

  1. scottish girl Says:

    That's great!

  2. ima saver Says:

    Good going!!

  3. Bookie Says:

    Just remember that you inspire us as well.

    Congratulations (and thanks for the recipe)

  4. veronak Says:

    That is awesome, keep it up Wink

  5. Steve Says:

    Yes, good job!

    You probably already have a good way of keeping track of your spending and saving, but here's the budget I use:


    I just posted it online for the first time a few weeks ago, so it may not be perfect yet, but it's helped me keep track of my spending for about two years. Let me know what you think and if there's anything that could make it more useful to others.

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