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Re-thinking Christmas Gifts

July 22nd, 2006 at 08:01 pm

Well, I "thought" I had figured out what I was going to do for gifts for this Christmas,

but now I'm rethinking those ideas and am going to search online for other ideas instead.

A few of the ideas I was thinking of were:

Keesha - Buy mixes [or make them, not sure yet] for things like cookies, cakes and quick breads.

Then buy a big bowl and a few utensils for her to use for making them.

That can be a gift for the whole family because they'll get to enjoy the baked goods.

As for Jason, I may bake cookies and quick breads 'n such things for him to give him.

Not sure how good of an idea this is though because I never know when I'll get to see him and would hate to have baked goods for 3+ months before he got them. *lol*

Pat & Kathy and their family?

Well, they're just too hard to buy for.

Baked goods wouldn't work for them 'cuz Kathy thinks she's the "ultimate" cook and has convinced the family of that.

I've baked cookies for them before and they barely acknowledged it

[in fact, we were out back by the garden when I gave them to them 'cuz we went to their house 'n they were out back ...]

Well, when we were all ready to go up to the house - what'd they do but walk off and leave the cookies there.

Was it intentional? Well, with most people I'd say no but I know them and am sure that it was [maybe they hoped dogs would come eat them or something? *Giggle*]

And NO, I am not a bad cook [or baker] but they are just way weird is all. *lol*

So, for them - maybe some mixes and a bowl and so forth like I am thinking of getting together for Keesha.

We'll see ...

I think I'll do a search for homemade gifts before I make a final decision and see what I come up with. Smile

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