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De-stressing & Simplifying

July 20th, 2006 at 11:08 am

Not long ago I joined a wonderful yahoo group for decorating puzzle pieces [puzzleart].

I have a habit of getting excited about something and going gung ho on it,

yet seldom do I follow through and actually do the things.

Just thinking about having deadlines and also having to buy things to do the puzzles, etc.,

I decided that it wasn't worth the stress and that my time [and money] could be better used elsewhere right now.

This same time can be used for working on Christmas gifts ...

Plus, I feel such a sense of relief that I won't have to worry about participating in the group right now.

Maybe I don't feel I have talent for such things like the other ladies on the group do?

I don't know but did just e-mail and tell the moderator I wanted to unsub from the list which I'll do later today.

Yes, I prefer a simple life, "Sweet Simplicity!" Smile

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