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Christmas Savings

July 20th, 2006 at 10:01 pm

Well, earlier today I had it all figured out about who was getting what for Christmas.

However, tonight I got to thinking [after reading an e-mail from Upromise], that I should see if the puzzle site was a participant in Upromise.

My daughter is paying off debts for going to school to be a nurse;

and the Upromise site helps with that if you shop through their site with any of their partners.

I didn't find the site that I was looking for; however I did find another puzzle site.

I went and checked it out and found 3 puzzles on it that would be just as meaningful [if not more so.]

AND, not only that but 5% of the purchase will be credited to my daughters paying off her education.

Plus, for each 3 puzzles I buy [which 3 is all I need], I will get $3.00 off each puzzle.

Good deal, huh?! Smile

I haven't done the total figuring [if there is tax or not, etc.] but from what I can see, I'll be saving $ from their earlier site.

The earlier total for the other site was $53.42 and with this new site, my total will be roughly around $40.95 [plus or minus a few cents.]

I guess it does pay to check around a bit before making a final decision, huh? Smile


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