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Debt #2 - Blair Corporation

July 19th, 2006 at 09:27 am

Since GPU is now paid in full [due to the account being too old for them to collect on] ...

I then contacted the next, what I think is smallest debt.

It is for Blair Corporation and I have no idea how much the balance is on that account but do know that the lady said the account is from 1996.

I tried to make payment arrangements on it but the lady said that she has to contact the main billing office and they will get in touch with me.

She [the lady I talked to] did not know how much the bill is for so said I'll have to wait to get a letter in the mail about it.

For now, my debt reduction plan is put on hold until I hear from them.

I will then, as soon as I get the information - start making payments on this bill and then when that's paid,

I'll go from there to the next smallest debt owed.

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