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August Expenses

July 18th, 2006 at 08:17 pm

These are my monthly expenses for August.

Total amount I receive each month is $630.40.

Some of the extra money will go into my Daily to do's savings account,

the rest will go into a checking account which I set up specifically for saving money

[I got no checks or MAC card for the account.]

Also, my phone bill includes my DSL and I am paying more on the bill than it will be,

so eventually I'll have credit built up for a free month [hopefully at Christmas-time!] Smile

August bills

Tithe 65.00 [paid]
Rent 195.50 [paid]
Blog-a-thon 20.00
Etc. - 15.00
Cable 10.00 [paid]
Phone 75.00 [paid]
Compassion Int. 32.00 [paid]
Debt Reduction 25.00 [donated to Samaritans Purse]


Toilet paper
Dry cat food
Cat litter

4 Responses to “August Expenses”

  1. Carolina Bound Says:

    What is Xanga?

  2. ima saver Says:

    You can live on $630 a month?? And your rent is only $200??

  3. flinnie Says:

    I work as a maid at a school my monthly check is about the same.It hard sometime but,you do the best you can.
    Find ways to save here and there.Use coupons ,rebates,send for freebies
    shop sales ,buy at goodwill the thrift store.
    Try your best to get and stay healthy.

  4. Joe Wenzel Says:

    You give $65 a month for tithing? For someone in your situation (only making $630 a month) this is too much! From my understanding of tithing, you give to your church/charity so they can use the money to help those less fortunate and for you to use that assistance in the future if you need it. You will probably need their assistance in the future if a major emergency arises since you give them over 10% of your take home pay. You should give them less (in your situation I wouldn't give them more than $15) and save the difference for an emergncy account so you won't have to out yourself in the situation of having to borrow form them. Save that extra $50 a month equals $600 a year. And believe me your church won't miss the money and you shouldn't be tempted to spend it since you al;ready "spend" it each month as tithing. This will also solve your problem as to how to get more money for savings. Now once you make more money feel free to give over 10% of your take home pay to tithing - but not when you make so little. Just my two cents worth - sometimes I feel tithing is used to keep some people beholden to charities rather than to themselves.

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